Wyatt Woodsmall & Eben Pagan – Mind Control


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In this training you’ll learn:

  • How to do a simple exercise to take control of your breath and your mind
  • What the highest leverage tool in the universe is (hint: it’s part of you)
  • What makes the difference between successful people, and others who try just as hard but never have the success they are capable of
  • How to make new neuro-connections in your brain
  • How to orient your life in directions that are meaningful to you
  • A simple exercise to identify the 6 different life realms, and where the goals and problems that are meaningful to you fit
  • How to change the words we use to call things in a specific way that allows our minds to naturally move us toward success
  • What getting out of your comfort zone can do for your life (and your BRAIN)
  • The danger of relying on our strengths – and how to avoid this
  • How you developed your personality
  • 5 simple truths we need to accept if we want to fulfill the ultimate vision we have for our life (most people will go to their graves not knowing these insights… you’ll learn them right here)

and many more….