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How To Build Gorgeous Funnels That Are

Easy To Create, On Brand, And Profitable

Even if you are not a designer, have been told that

“ugly” converts, and have no idea where to begin.

Julie & Cathy here, writing to you from the land of ugly funnels.

We set out on a mission six months ago to figure out why people settle for ugly funnels, and we were astonished at the data collected.

Turns out, most of the ugly funnel owners think this:

  • The uglier the funnel, the more it will convert
  • Design doesn’t matter as long as the copy is good
  • Drag and drop editors will always look “template-ty” anyway so don’t waste time trying to be creative
  • Design takes so long to learn and hiring a designer is expensive
  • Even when I try to mimic good design, it looks like a 2nd grader did it
  • We’re Tired Of Ugly Funnels Winning 
  • The Cashflow Game.
  • Truth be told, the only reason they claim #1 is because there are no gorgeous funnels out there to compete!
  • It’s kinda like Pepsi saying it’s the best Cola on the planet before Coke was invented.
  • Of course you can be #1 when you have no competition!!
  • Because here’s the real truth about beautiful design….
  • The only reason the “ugly funnel converts” lie even
  • started is because Internet Marketers everywhere
  • don’t want you to build GORGEOUS funnels
  • to compete with their money-hungry-design-starved pages. 
  • Design is never an afterthought in any other market,
  • and it shouldn’t be an afterthought in online business either.
  • We’re Taking Back The Law Of Ugly Funnels And Changing It… Right Now.
  • As more Gorgeous Funnels come into the market, we’ll push ugly right back into its rightful place – the TRASH BIN.
  • Now we know what you’re thinking…
  • “But Julie & Cathy, of COURSE I’d love a gorgeous funnel, but they are HARD to build….”
  • Lies. Lies. Lies.
  • It’s a conspiracy ya’ll. That’s the problem. Internet Marketers have perpetuated this lie to keep you from demanding better design.

Good funnel design is simply about using colors, textures, 

patterns, shapes, and images to help TELL your story. 

How well you absorb the copy on a funnel page, is DIRECTLY related to the design

of that page. It’s about attracting the eye to the right place at the right time.

That’s it!

Good Funnel Design Becomes So Much Easier When You Understand The Concept Of Storyblocking™.

Storyblocking is what we do, and what we’re going to teach you how to do too!

Storyblocking is the art of creating a STORY with your copy and your design. It’s not as hard as it sounds.

In fact, the copy for your funnels will dictate your design so you don’t have to be some magic design genius to think up something super original (Did your head just explode?)!

  • You don’t have to be a crazy amazing designer.
  • You can use simple drag-and-drop editors like ClickFunnels and get a unique look.
  • Your design can accentuate your story, allowing you to charge more and earn more!
  • You know what’s coming next don’t you?
  • We Would Love to Invite You to Become a Part of the
  • “Kill Fugly Funnels” Movement by Joining Us Inside a
  • Brand New Course Called…

FunnelGorgeous™ is a six module course that will completely and entirely teach you the concept of good design on your funnel pages.

Whether you have NO funnels at all, or a ton of ‘fugly’ 

ones, FunnelGorgeous™ will give you the training, tools, 

and assets to transform your funnels to beautiful, on

brand,  profitable cash-flow machines.

What’s Inside FunnelGorgeous™?

Module 1: Funnel Assets

In Module One, we’re going to teach you how to create and build the core Funnel Assets needed for ANY and EVERY funnel. Most people skip this step when they build funnels, and we promise, it’s so much easier when you set up your workspace with all the creative inspiration you need before building.

We’ll Cover:

+ Logos (OR multiple products)

+ Brandboards for Funnels
+ Colors/Typography

+ Product Mockups

+ Custom Graphics

+ Treatments (lines, borders, highlights, bullets)

Module 2: Storyblocking The Cornerstone Page

In Module Two, we show you how story and design are two sides of the same coin. You’ll learn to identify your cornerstone page and story in the funnel, and build a theme into that page first, before designing the rest of the funnel. We’ll also show you what elements in a cornerstone page are the “conversion” elements so you can use to design to accentuate them.

We’ll Cover:

+ Identifying your cornerstone page

+ Key elements of cornerstone page design

+ Headline Area

+ Epiphany Bridge Story Intro

+ Solution *aha!*

+ Offer Announcement

+ Key Benefits/Results/Meaning

+ Key Features of Offer

+ Testimonials

+ Scarcity

+ Guarantee

+ Reminder/Warning

+ Call to Action

Module 3: Story Accentuation Through Design

In Module Three, we’re going to pull back the curtain on what makes something gorgeous. You’ll start to understand WHY you like something, and this is so important because once you know “why”, you can EASILY replicate it. Deconstructed Design is just a set of rules and patterns that are easily learnable (and flexible). Yes, learnable is a word…we think.

We’ll Cover:

+ Backgrounds

+  Textures

+  Callouts

+  How Graphics & Copy work together

+  Copy formatting (bold, italics, underline)

+  Shadows

+  Arrows & Icons

+  Lines and Shapes

Module 4: Simplifying Your Design Story on Mobile

In Module Four, we’re going to teach you how to simplify your story design so that the majority of your customers looking at your pages on mobile will be just as dazzled by your gorgeous design and copy.

We’ll Cover:

+ Duplicating design for mobile

+ How to simplify and reduce elements
without sacrificing story or conversion

Module 5: Design Refinement & Testing

In Module Five, we’re going to help you set your cornerstone page loose to a few select critique-ers so you can see your work through someone else’s eyes. We’ll show you what to look for, how to adjust details, and create a finished cornerstone page that will make building the rest of your funnel…a breeze.

We’ll Cover:

+ Sticky sections and what to do when it isn’t working

+ Understanding & comprehension from your beta testers

+ “Pop” elements for a finished look

Module 6: The Design Carry Through Method

for Easy Funnel Design

In Module Six, you won’t believe how easy it is to design once you’ve gone through the first five modules. We’ll show you how to take your assets and cornerstone page and tell the story through design in the rest of the funnel.

We’ll Cover:

+ Order forms (including pricing boxes, buttons, security, and bumps)

+ OTO forms (including Brunson Boxes, guarantees, and buttons)

+ Squeeze pages (including headlines and input forms)

+ Order Confirmation forms (including offer walls and next steps)

By the end of your study in FunnelGorgeous™ you’ll have everything you need to create funnels that are on brand, creative, unique, and most importantly… profitable.

We Know That Design Needs Endless Creative 

Inspiration So Here Are A Few More Goodies 

When You Enroll In FunnelGorgeous™…

Bonus 1: Beyond The Drag & Drop Masterclass (Value $497)

This masterclass is an introduction and education in the world of CSS (don’t panic – it’s allll goood). We’ll show you how to use a little somethin’ somethin’ called coding to break out of the confines of drag and drop editors to create something truly unique.


Also, inside of the Beyond Drag & Drop Masterclass are a bunch of copy + paste codes so you can “pretend” your coding.

Bonus 2: FunnelGorgeous™ Beauty Pack Add-On (Vol. 1) (Value $297)

Inspired by our long 6-hour rabbit trail visits to Etsy and Creative Market for cool elements, we’re going to include the first FunnelGorgeous™ Add-On Pack filled with backgrounds, arrows, lines, shapes, and accents you can use…royalty free!

Bonus 3: Over the Shoulder Funnel Design (Value $497)

Funnel Designed LIVE – Cathy pulls back the curtain and shows you behind the screen, as she designs one of her own sales pages…live. There’s something incredibly valuable about watching the process unfold live and in real time, because it’s often way messier than we think.


Cathy is not a wizard, she’s simply an expert who has done the time…and now you will have a chance to watch her process. No edits, no time-lapse, just real-time design by one of the most talented designers on the Internet today!


Bonus 4: Funnel Design Audits Training With Julie & Cathy


A 90-minute training where we gave advice, critique, and design strategy to 8 students. In this class, you will learn WHY things feel or look beautiful, and you will gain priceless insight into the mind of two designers…so that you can replicate it for yourself later!

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