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You’ve seen it everywhere, people making thousands posting videos that don’t;
– Show their face
– Have little to no editing skills
– Have any real experience
Make the videos themselves
– So how are they able to make this work, considering the competition and lack of skills?

Simple answer, YouTube is a BUSINESS, so treat it like one!

Imagine how many HIGH-quality videos you could produce if you had an experienced team working around the clock to produce content that’s entertaining, clickbait, AND copyright-free. Well, I’m going to show you how to build your DREAM team and how you can get ENTIRE videos made for $20 and under. Most gurus will set you up to pay $60+ and brag about it, but not here…

Cash Cow Connoisseur Course Content

Intro Module

  • Welcome To Cash Cow Connoisseur (14:30)
  • Important Links
  • What Is a Cash Cow Channel(5:52)
  • Perfecting Your Mindset. Realistic Approach(21:55)

Choosing Your Niche

  • How To Pick Your Niche(3:19)
  • The Importance of Branding(7:05)
  • How Much Do Niches Pay(5:27)
  • Which Niche Should You Pick And Why(23:05)
  • Profitable Cash Cow Niches That Require $0 Investment(12:27)
  • Secret Place To Find Trending Niches + UNLIMITED Content(2:13)

Setting Up Your Channel

Verifying Your Channel(0:29)

Back End Secrets(4:20)

Studying Your Competitors

  • Copy What’s Working

How to Promote Your Videos

  • Collaborations(4:11)
  • Community Tab(1:19)
  • End-Screens(1:51)
  • Facebook Groups(1:01)
  • Instagram Shoutouts(1:02)
  • Buying Authentic Clicks(2:40)
  • Buying Authentic Views(3:16)
  • The Sequel Strategy(3:53)
  • The Email List(6:17)

Building Your Own IG Page

  • Quora – Secret View Communities(1:50)
  • Reddit + 100 Communities For Views(3:55)
  • Twitter – The Right & ONLY Way To Post(3:54)
  • LinkedIn(1:05)
  • TikTok(1:18)
  • Trinding(1:10)
  • Tumblr(1:59)

How to Optimize Your Videos Before You Post

  • The #1 Site To Get FREE Top Keywords(6:42)
  • Market Research Breakdown
  • Optimizing For Views
  • Scheduling Hack For More Views(1:19)
  • Secret Title Hack To Stand Out(1:11)
  • Secret SEO Tip(2:20)
  • Similar Meta-Data Hack(2:57)
  • The Best Time To Post(3:27)
  • MorningFame(9:27)
  • TubeBuddy(4:50)
  • VidIQ
  • VMB – Secret Bot That Does It ALL(9:53)
  • Avoid Getting Shadowbanned(5:44)

Everything Monetization

  • Everything About Monetization
  • Get Monetized Method 1(8:16)
  • Get Monetized Method 2(11:19)
  • Get Monetized Method 3(4:12)
  • Get Monetized Method 4(13:00)
  • Speed Up Monetization Hack(2:08)
  • How Does YouTube Pay You(3:05)

How To Maximize Income From YouTube

  • Maximizing Income Around Your Niche
  • Mid Roll Method(3:02)
  • 4 Bonus Methods(11:29)

Everything Virality

  • How To Go Viral Over And Over(3:47)
  • UNLIMITED Topics & Video Ideas(5:19)
  • Secret Site For Viral Topics(3:00)
  • Finding Video Topics & Keywords Using New Studio Analytics(3:04)

Secret Methods To Get More Subs

  • Forced Subscriptions(3:09)
  • The Power of Comments(3:09)

Video Essentials

  • How To Increase Video Retention(5:21)
  • How To Increase Click Through Rate(2:52)
  • Finding And Creating Thumbnails That Are Not Copyright

Copyright Free Images, Sounds, Music & Video

  • The BEST FREE and PAID sites(9:23)

Avoiding Copyright

  • Copyright first, Original Second(4:00)
  • How To Cut Out A Watermark & Intro + Best Free Editor(14:59)

How To Create A Cash Cow In The Gaming Niche

  • The Chase Namic Method(11:30)

How To Create A Cash Cow Video

  • The MOST Useful Resource For Stock Footage – FREE Paid Footage(7:33)
  • BEST Site To Get FREE Intros, Transition, Popups, & Built-In Editor(8:33)
  • FREE Professional After Effects/Premiere/Final Cut/DaVinci Templates(2:41)
  • Thumbnails(2:21)
  • Script Writer(6:57)
  • Optimization(2:53)
  • Alternative Way To Make Entire Videos(6:46)
  • Voice Overs(2:27)

How To Create Your Own Thumbnails, Banner, Logo

  • Creating A Viral Thumbnail – Personality Channel(8:19)
  • Creating A Viral Thumbnail – Cash Cow Channel
  • Canva(2:03)
  • Fiverr(1:55)
  • Photoshop(4:32)
  • Picmaker(1:23)

How To Edit After Effects & Premier Templates

  • After Effects(4:30)
  • Adobe Premier(4:19)

How To Hire Content Creators

  • What To Know When Outsourcing Your Videos
  • Best and Most Secret Place To Hire(2:31)
  • UpWork(4:22)
  • Fiverr

What To Do If Your Video Gets A Claim

  • How To Revoke Your Claim
  • Extra Resources
  • How To Download a YouTube Video(0:40)
  • Where To Get Sound Effects For Your Videos(1:10)

Bonus Content

  • Bonus Content Explained(1:53)
  • How To Rank On The First Page Of YouTube As A New Creator
  • How To Get Views On Your YouTube Channel From Instagram
  • How To A View Farm YouTube Channel – Get Thousands Of Views, FAST
  • Learn About Earnings, Audience Retention, SEO, and MORE
  • Learn About Clickbait, Click Through Rate, Content Creation, Virality, and MORE
  • Learn About Branding, Niches, Copyright, And MORE
  • How To Get Your First 1000 Subscribers
  • Watch Me Build A Cash Cow Channel From Scratch
  • How To Make A Cash Cow Channel In The Health Niche
  • How To Make A Cash Cow Channel In The Animal Niche
  • How To Make A Cash Cow Channel In The TikTok Niche
  • How To Make A Cash Cow Channel In The Animations Niche

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