Dave Mac’s Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Short Course and Case Study

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If You Knew How to Build a Site That Earns $500 a Month How Many Sites Would You Build?

Affiliate marketing course. Learn step-by-step how to promote affiliate products and get a LIVE walkthrough of a profitable Clickbank campaign.

Here’s Exactly What’s in the Course

Module 1: Getting Started and Resources

Two downloadable PDFs detailing the process you need to follow and the resources required to get your first campaign up and running.

Module 2: Live Campaign Walkthrough

Live video walkthrough of ROI positive campaign (over 100%). See the Clickbank account, Clickmagick account, Microsoft Ads account, and landing page. Explanation of the “invisibility” method used.

Module 3: How To Build Your Campaign

Full video walkthrough of how to set up a similar campaign and how to implement the “invisibility” method to avoid fraudulent clicks from other affiliates.

Module 4: Landing Page

ZIP file containing the landing page in Thrive Architect format. This ZIP file can be imported instantly into Thrive Architect (as shown in Module3 video). Note: Thrive Architect is required to use this landing page ZIP file.

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